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think 360 management has over 35 years experience of delivering industrial management systems to cargo terminals, logistics, waste plants, manufacturing & nuclear storage facilities.

Systems are developed to improve quality of information & make efficiencies by simplifying user input, automating processes & eliminating duplication.

Specialists in interfacing to hardware and software systems from handheld scanning, automation control systems through to finance software integration.

We pride ourselves on being customer focused, diligent, innovative with a strong working ethic.

What we do


Introducing Hub

21st Century Stock Management

Connecting people, processes & systems

Hub is designed to control the core of your operation with a combination of Hub modules to suit your organisations specific profile.

Easy to use inputs including mobile devices capture all of the information required to operate the logistics of your facility and allows management to strategically analyse the information.

Hub integrates with finance, customer and automation systems to eliminate duplicate entry & for your business to only have ‘one version of the truth'.

Gate Management

Quick, slick & accurate

Every second counts when booking deliveries in & out

Hub Gate Management allows you to control, monitor & audit all traffic through your facility.

  • Plan arrivals & departures
    • Easy & quick to use
    • Upload spreadsheets from customers & hauliers for planned arrivals
  • Track all vehicle arrivals & departures
    • Real time view of vehicles, drivers & trailers on site
    • Print arrival & departure documentation
    • Enforce site inductions if required
    • Driver blacklist
    • Track visitors
  • Safety
    • Trailer Brake applied declaration for all trailer moves
    • Driver declaration printed on gate pass & translated into drivers language
  • Integrate
    • Transport system to automatically populate planned arrival & departures
  • Reporting
    • Live dashboards
    • Management reports
    • Historical reports for vehicles, trailers & drivers

Yard Management

Manage Trailers & Containers on your site

View locations and statuses from arrival to departure

Hub Yard Management tracks Trailers during their stay on your facility.

  • Allocate trailers & containers to bays
  • Internal Moves
    • Plan moves from the office
    • Track all movements from entry to departure
    • Real time view
    • Use mobile devices to record moves
    • Audit trail of all moves
  • Plan departure dates
  • Place restrictions on Trailer to prevent departure if required
  • Reports & KPI’s to track efficiency
    • Live dashboard
    • Dwell times, throughput, trailer audit, yard report
    • trailers & drivers

Warehouse Management

A complete view of your storage facility

Quick access to the key information

Hub Warehouse Management gives you complete control of your storage facility in real time.

  • Ensure that Standard Operating Procedure is followed throughout your organisation
  • Manage goods in & out with mobile devices
  • Control locations, storage capacity & utilisation
  • Pick and pack with mobile devices
  • Real time stock levels dashboard & reports
  • Stock take with mobile devices
  • Specific requirements for bulk, perishable, hazardous, individually named & barcoded units

Work Orders

Manage your operation

A clear view of planned, 'in progress' & completed work

Hub Work Orders with integrated timesheets and management reports is the ideal workflow for all stakeholders.

  • Management can create plans & assign work instructions to operatives
  • Personalised diary, work orders & tasks with instructions & record timesheet activity
  • Configurable checklists linked to task instructions
  • Tasks can be recorded on mobile devices
  • Reports allow management to assess project or customer profitability
  • Senior management can view KPI's & dashboards of planned, 'in progress' & completed work


Bring all of the key information together

Hub shares information with your key systems for a central repository

Hub integration links with other systems to bring efficiencies, improve quality and collate information for centralised & comparable reporting in one place.

  • Exchange information between customers, suppliers and your own systems for
    • Automated real time orders
    • Stock levels
    • Service activity
  • Integrate with finance systems for invoicing
    • Eliminate spreadsheets & manual entry
  • Automation control systems & equipment including conveyor systems, cranes & sensors
    • Real time & irrefutable product throughput
    • Information in 3rd party system trigger user alerts in Hub
    • E.G. Specific product exceeds a temperature threshold monitored by sensors



Real time data entry, real time information

Stakeholders have access to the information that matters to them

Hub delivers critical information to users in different ways.


  • Easy to access real time information to the operational information
  • Detailed stock reports
  • Operations dashboard for a quick overview of the operation
  • Real time alerts via SMS or email for events such as
    • Low stock levels
    • Fault codes
    • Perishable goods expiry dates
    • Temperature, humidity etc thresholds


  • High level dashboards for KPI's
  • Detailed management reporting for board reports
  • Analysis

    • Ad-Hoc reporting for bespoke technical report analysis

    Customers & Suppliers

  • Reports via SMS or email for events such as truck arrivals, throughput & low balances

What we offer

Our Services


think 360 management has over 35 years combined experience in delivering functional software across a range of industries including cargo terminals, logistics, marine, banking, insurance, manufacturing & nuclear sectors. This includes small commercial software projects through to blue chip, regulated & government projects across five continents.

Implement your workflow and data capture

Control your
workflow through Work Orders

Interface to 3rd party equipment for realtime feedback and data

Interface to 3rd party systems to limit data input

Automate billing / invoicing from your workflow

Analyse your processes through dashboards and KPI's


Process Mapping

think 360 consultants have many years experience in mapping operational and user experience processes for compliance, new tenders or improving standard operating procedures.

think 360 has developed a process mapping methodology for efficient, detailed and yet simple results and takes the mapping beyond most traditional methods to include relevant factors such as process duration and intervals.

Project Management

If you have commissioned a software project and do not have the expertise or resource available to manage the supplier, think 360 can tailor a project management package to ensure your supplier meets their obligations to you. think 360 services include supplier facing Project Managers, Product Owner and testing resource.