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The crane monitoring system is a bespoke electronic monitoring unit that utilises a low voltage weatherproof box connected via network or sim card. It is suitable for material handling cranes and connects directly to the crane PLC.

Capturing detailed information such as working time, faults, life weight and cycle time your entire system can become streamlined and more efficient with the help of Ai Crane.

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Let's get your cranes talking directly to you.

This solution comes with a user website that provides you with dashboards and reports to view individual cranes or compare multiple cranes. Users can view critical information such as idle, faults, tones-per-hour, and average cycle time.

Do you have?…

Old but effective cranes

Old but effective cranes

If you have old but effective cranes without monitoring capability, we can provide you with a monitoring system that will allow you to view real time information directly from your cranes.

Cranes without monitoring capability

Cranes without monitoring capability

Ai Crane, lets you view mission critical information, receive alerts when equipment hits specific thresholds and monitor performance.

Multiple machines, multiple manufacturers

Multiple machines, multiple manufacturers

Our solution can work with cranes from multiple different manufacturers, get your insights from one place for all your machinery.

Crane monitoring with real time results

With Ai Crane you won’t have to wait to get results, you can see your crane’s performance as it works.

Clear metrics that you and your team can utilise to work on efficiency and performance goals.  

Why not let us streamline your operations?

If you are looking for technology that can streamline your operations that chat to our team today. Our solutions and service may be the thing that could revolutionise you business. 

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