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Our Ai homecare solution has been successful in positively aiding health care customers deal with their patients from a home care setting managing their domiciliary care with ease.

Ai Homecare supports health professionals.

Our Home Care App is a web-based solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, providing a centralised platform for efficient resource management. Experience enhanced coordination, improved productivity, and streamlined operations with our comprehensive Mobile App.  

What features are there?

Visual Planning

Visual Planning

  • Plan and organise tasks with an intuitive planning diary.
  • Easily schedule and allocate resources based on availability and skills.
  • Real time updates and adjustments.


  • Streamline time-tracking process with digital timesheets.
  • Receive real time updates on patient services.
  • Mileage management and journey calculations.
Care plans

Care plans

  • Capture patients care needs and access online and offline.
  • Access updates from multiple visits to have updated information on your patients.
  • Featuring a file upload page where you can access a knowledge base about equipment and medication.

Online and Offline synchronization both in office and on field.

With Ai Homecare your productivity will be enhanced using a user-friendly mobile app providing access to critical information on the go. 

Shorten journey times to appointments with our route planner allowing more patients to be seen. 

Why not let us streamline your operations?

If you are looking for technology that can streamline your operations that chat to our team today. Our solutions and service may be the thing that could revolutionise you business. 

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